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First Quarter 2022 National WSH Statistics

19 May 2022

1) More fatal and major injuries in the first quarter of 2022 (1Q 2022)

  • There were more fatal and major injuries in 1Q 2022 compared to the preceding quarter, but fewer compared to same period last year.

  • The number of minor injuries were lower compared to past quarters.

  • Occupational diseases in 1Q 2022 were comparable to the previous quarter in 4Q 2021.

  • More recently, there has been a worrying spate of workplace fatalities across various industries, with 10 in April 2022 alone. MOM, WSH Council, NTUC and industry partners have called on companies to conduct a Safety Time Out (STO) starting 9 May 2022.

  • With the further relaxation of COVID-19 measures and resumption of more business activities in workplace, we urge employers and workers to remain vigilant, follow safe work procedures and exercise due care.

2) Construction & Manufacturing remained as the top sectors to record the most number of fatal and major injuries

  • In 1Q 2022, Construction was the top contributing sector with a total of 51 fatal and major injuries, markedly higher than the past four quarters which hovered below 40 fatal and major injuries.

  • Manufacturing contributed 38 fatal and major injuries, comparable to numbers in the first three quarters of 2021.

  • MOM stepped up ground enforcement with close to 1,700 inspections conducted in 1Q 2022. For 2Q 2022, inspections will be increased by 25% from the previous quarter.

  • A special enforcement operation (Ops Condor) has also commenced in April 2022, covering 500 inspections across high-risk sectors (Construction, Marine, Manufacturing). As at end April, 15 stop work orders, 150 composition fines and 700 notices of non-compliance were issued. The operation is currently on-going and will last till end of May.

3) Slips, Trips & Falls (STF) remained the top cause for major injuries

  • More than one in three (37%) major injuries that occurred in 1Q 2022 involved STFs.

  • Given the perennial nature of STFs risks, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will continue to focus on measures for STF prevention during workplace inspections.

  • Companies will be reminded on the importance of preventing STF and how to do so during upcoming events such as the WSH Forum for the Food and Beverage Industry 2022 and the Town Council Engagement 2022.

  • The WSH Council will also be launching its STF campaign in July this year.

  • The latest resources on STF prevention can be assessed from the WSH Council website.

Source: Workplace Safety and Health Council


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