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Fire Safety

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Our qualified Senior / Fire Safety Managers (SFSMs/FSMs) can support designated building owners in safeguarding the fire safety standards for preventing significant financial and non-financial losses to their premises.

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Our experienced Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) practitioners help support premise owners to alleviate and contain emergencies from escalating into disasters with extensive damage and limited possibility for a swift recovery.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our experienced fire safety consultants can support organisations in assessing the fire risks of their premises and devise appropriate control measures to mitigate or eliminate the risks.

Emergency Response Plan Development

Our professional consultants can help building owners customise their Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to incorporate appropriate response procedures for different emergencies.

CERT Equipment Supply 

We offer a wide variety of mitigation, first-aid, rescue and communication apparatuses and personal protective equipment (PPE) required by the National CERT Standard.


Fire Safety Audit

Our qualified fire safety professionals can perform audits and offer expert advice to correct any non-compliance with the prevailing fire safety regulations.

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CERT Audit Support

Our qualified fire safety consultants can support building owners in preparing the documentation and practical skills components of the CERT audit by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Emergency Training and Exercises

Our fire safety experts can offer various forms of learning experiences to enhance the emergency preparedness of the premise stakeholders.

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